Organization Structure
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   Organizational Chart


Major Functions
ㆍImmigration Planning
ㆍBorder Control
ㆍVisa & Residence
ㆍInvestigation & Enforcement
ㆍIT Strategy & Management Division
ㆍImmigration Policy
ㆍImmigrant Integration

Immigration Planning Division

- Establish comprehensive plans for immigration administration and evaluation

- Improve organization, set budgets and maintain systems

- Host, participate in and support international meetings on immigration policy

- Manage international conventions

Border Control Division

- Implement entry/departure clearance services

- Manage entry/departure exclusions

- International cooperation

Visa & Residence Division

- Implement residence management policy and Develop visa policy

- Provide immigration services including foreigners' registration and various permissions

Investigation & Enforcement Division

- Investigate violation of the Immigration Act

- Locate and remove immigration offenders and operate immigration detention centers

IT Strategy & Management Division

- Incorporate information technology into immigration management system

- Analyze and publish immigration statistics

Immigration Policy Division

- Establish, assess and evaluate plans related to immigration policies

- Coordinate immigration policies with related ministries and local governments

- Improve legislation

Nationality Division

- Management of nationality acquisition, nationality loss and multiple-nationality holders

Immigrant Integration Division

- Implement policies on immigrant integration of foreigners in Korea

- Develop policies to promote the understanding of multi-culturalism

Refugee Division

- Oversight of refugee policy and support system

- Refugee council management

- Social settlement support for refugees, etc.