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Skilled Worker Points System Visa

Foreign employees working legally in Korea for 5 years or more on Non-Professional (E-9), Maritime Crew (E-10), or
Work and Visit (H-2) Visa are allowed to change their status to an E-7-4 visa for extended stay when meeting the requirements such as in skillfulness, etc.

Eligible Applicants

Foreign employees who have worked legally in Korea for 5 years or more during the recent 10 year period on E-9, E-10, or H-2 Visa. Ineligibility: Criminals, tax delinquents, and those who have violated the Immigration Act more than 4 times. (However, those who have cleared overdue taxes are eligible to apply)

Employment Quota Limits

Employment Quota Limits Information Table
ndustry Quota
1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person 5 person
(Number of insured persons of national employment)
10 - 49 person,
5 - 49 person
(Ppuri Industry)
50 - 149 persons 150 - 299 persons 300 - 499 persons 500 persons or more
(Average annual construction expense)
Less than 5 billion KRW 5- less than 30 billion KRW 30- less than 50 billion KRW 50- less than 70 billion KRW 70 billion KRW or more
Agriculture / Livestock / Fishery
(Number of full-time workers)
Less than 30 persons 31-99 persons 100 persons or more - -
However, companies currently employing foreign workers on E-9 or E-10 are allowed to employ minimum 1 worker.

Annual Quota Limits

For General Applicants : 100 persons per quarter (400 annually), and high scorers get priority.

For High Scorers (75 points or more) and Outstanding Enterprises hiring Korean nationals (Employing 10 persons or more with more than 10% increase over the previous year) : 100 persons respectively (200 annually) in order of application


The measure will contribute to job creation for Korean nationals as well as to the stable supply of qualified skilled workforce to the industries struggling with chronic shortages of skilled workforce, including small to medium-sized manufacturing companies, the Ppuri industry, etc.