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Director General of IOM (International Organization for Migration) Advises on Changes of Korean Immigration Policiesfor Sustainable Growth.

Director General of IOM (International Organization for Migration) 
Advises on Changes of Korean Immigration Policies for Sustainable Growth.


- Korea should continue to frame and develop immigration policies according to international standards and best practices -


??? William L. Swing (U.S.), Director General of International Organization for Migration visited Korea in response to an invitation by Lee, Kwi-nam, Minister of justice, Republic of Korea, as scheduled from 20 to 22, Feb, 2011.

??? Director General Swing will meet the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, and also with the Mayor and the City Council President of Goyang-si, to exchange opinions of prospective directions for Korean Immigration Policies, establishing new and creative mechanisms of cooperation between IOM and a Member State through the establishment of the MRTC and to discuss the activities of the IOM Mission in Korea (located in Seoul) and those of the new IOM Migration Research and Training Centre (MRTC), which is located in Goyang city.

??? International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the global intergovernmental organization tasked to assist its Member and Observer States, and other partners, in their efforts to manage migration for the benefit of all concerned.  Founded in 1951, and this year celebrating its 60th Anniversary, IOM has now 132 Member States and 17 Observer States.  Korea joined as a member of IOM in November of 1988. IOM has over 7000 staff worldwide, in over 420 locations and is operating nearly 3000 projects around the world, valued at over one billion dollars.

??? (Visiting Prime Minister) Director General met Kim, Hwang-sik, the Prime Minister at 15:00, 21. Feb. 2011. He said that both developed and developing countries are considering migration policy as part of national development strategy, and have been establishing and implementing more comprehensive and systemized policies.

The Director General further noted that Governments are increasingly elevating migration in their strategic thinking, and there is a general trend toward establishing a strategic ???whole of government??? approach to migration, while recognizing that various arms of government are needed to handle specific functions.  Korea may want to consider establishing some kind of overall control tower function for migration along those lines.